Sunday 31 March 2013

The Chemically Stripped and Non-Pre-Tang Coins Supplied by a London Dealer


The China MOU is coming up for renewal and the stubborn dealers of the ACCG announce that they are now going to court (on behalf of "collectors" you understand) to reclaim the coins confiscated as a result of the Baltimore Illegal Coin Import Stunt. Well let us take another look at those coins ("Some of ACCG's Coins", Tuesday, 9 August 2011). What a sorry load of junk Spink's sent to the ACCG dealers in preparation for this stunt. They should be ashamed of themselves having such things in their stock in the first place, the stripped coins have been totally destroyed. Are the ACCG really interested in importing such items to the US coin market? Also what was Spink's asked to send? Pre-Tang coins, as on the MOU? What have we in the photo? Northern Song, Qing and several turned over so you cannot see the obverse inscriptions (why?). Who'd want to patronise an ACCG dealer that cannot even obtain a few decent coins fitting the bill, whether their intention was to do so legally or illegally?

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