Wednesday 13 March 2013

Renewed Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Hugo and his Epithets

With depressing frequency the some attempt of metal detectorists to engage with the concerns raised by preservationists takes the form of accusations of falsehood or ignorance and/or name calling. So it is with an exchange over on Heritage Action's blog under the post about deep-seeking metal detectors (here). So this time it is Scandinavian detectorist Hugo Falck from somewhere near Stavangar in Norway chimes in, convinced that he alone has all the answers to the concerns raised and that there is no fundamental problem with current policies on metal detecting.

First he tells Nigel Swift, of all people, that in raising the concerns he does he is "...Biased and with no knowlegde about “tecting and detectorist your making a fool of yourselves!" This is because: "First of all most detectorist would never dig deeper than ploughlevel even if they could...". Then he goes further telling Nigel Swift that in the UK "It`s banned to dig underneath ploughlevel isnt it?" (no, no, it is not). Then he gets personal:

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