Saturday 30 March 2013

NY Antiquity Sales not "A matter of Great Concern" After All?

We were told that a group of "concerned collectors" (read "concerned dealers and some collectors they persuaded to go along with them") published a petition announcing to the world that what was being sold by a certain New York antiquities dealer of Iranian origin was for them "A matter of Great Concern" and they were hoping that the US authorities would consider it to be the same. They were aiming to get 1000 signatures (the collecting community of dugup coins alone in the USA is said by their lobbyists to contain fifty times that number). So far they have 93 supporters (just 33 more than on the second day). Can we therefore interpret that to mean that forty-nine thousand collectors of dugup antiquities instead consider some other problem in the dugup antiquities market instead to be a Matter of Great Concern? Or that the entire community is suffused with an enormous burden of apathy and inertia?

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