Sunday 24 March 2013

Jacksonville Envisages Perhaps?

If the PAS has recorded 800,000 metal detecting finds (which it has not), from 8000 English and Welsh tekkies over a period of fifteen and a bit years, if the Jacksonville know-it-all wants to claim that there is no problem, it would mean that the individual statistical tekkie could only find six to seven (6.66) recordable items, coins/artefacts a year. One every two months.  Is that how naff Lisa Hume MacIntyre thinks this hobby is? In a country full of Roman settlements, Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, Deserted medieval villages, fields full of hammered coins?  Can she adduce evidence that the annual number really is that low, when in fact it is at odds with the figures of the three surveys quoted by Heritage Action in the blurb to their Counter. What evidence would the Florida graduate for saying the results of these three surveys, if nothing else, are "flawed"? Heritage Action's naive critic from Florida seems unwilling to enter into any further discussion, so I guess  we will never know how she'd work the data into the model she and her new metal detecting friends apparently would prefer.

I think there are few people who've actually seen UK metal detecting in action will imagine that the returns from the hobby are so low. Some tekkies find that number of recordable items in a single afternoon.


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