Tuesday 19 March 2013

Portable Antiquities Scheme: the Two-second Finds Day

Do you reckon the PAS will be getting many attendees at their April 3rd Finds  Day?
Date(s): Wednesday 03 April 2013 - Wednesday 03 April 2013, Timings: 00:00:10 - 00:00:12, Address: Haverhill Library, Suffolk.  Have your archaeological finds identified, questions answered and handle real archaeological objects
Faye Minter will be in and out before you can even say "good morning". But it is timed just right to catch any "partners" that might be returning from a nocturnal search session in the fields.

UPDATE 29th march 2013.
Oh look, isn't that sweet? They've amended it and sent me such a nice thank you note to express their gratitude and mortification that they made such  mistake. At least I assume they did, but it got lost in the post on the way here.  But at least it seems that PAS know what is being said on this blog - despite their attempts to ignore the difficult questions. Shame on you!

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