Saturday 16 March 2013

Derbyshire Roman coin hoard buried under Roman house floor

Metal detector waving artefact hunter Mr Beard has found a third-century barbarous radiate coin hoard (3,631 coins) in Derbyshire. The site was excavated, and only when an area was opened up around the original hoiking-hole it was found that the hoard had been buried beneath the floor of a Roman house. So much for the coin collectors' claim that hoards are "never found on Roman sites". What they mean is the manner in which moist reach the market does not allow us to learn anything at all about the burial context of most of them.
Mr Beard, of Sandbed Lane, Belper, said the coins he found ranged from the size of a lentil to the size of a modern penny. He said: "I was metal detecting in Amber Valley and in the first hole I found there were 500 coins." 

 Ella Rhodes, "Treasure hunter homes in on Roman treasure and detects site of an ancient house", Derby Telegraph March 16, 2013
David Beard in his beanie hat is either a midget or has
an oversize detector in this photo from the Derby Telegraph

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