Tuesday 19 March 2013

Preparing for the Proculus Sale; "World-Renowned Expert and Dealer" Reads to us From Wikipedia on Advert-Film

Do you need to know about the historical background to the Proculus coin in an upcoming sale?
Ilya Zlobin, world-renowned expert and dealer of authentic ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Byzantine coins and artifacts, reads an informative history and introduces you to the benefits of buying ancient coins from him [...] all certified authentic and guaranteed authentic for a lifetime. 
Alternatively you can read it for yourself word-for-word on Wikipedia.

Do you reckon it hurts speaking like that? The names seem to give him particular grief.
Film posted on You Tube by Trusted Coins

So he's got a naff painting of Venice and 6800 dugup ancient coins in his shop - but claims to have personally identified" 28 000 of the little dugup things. So, where do such numbers these coins come from Mr Zlobin? On that big bit of paper attached to the coin flip, there's plenty of room for a detailed collecting history of the object it 'certifies', so does the client get one instead of a text cut and pasted from Wikipedia?

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