Thursday 21 March 2013

Renewed Focus onUK Metal Detecting: Filling in the Holes is not Enough

Over two years ago Australian metal detectorist C. Nyal de Kaye wrote:
 I do not understand why digging a hole, say two feet deep, poses any threat to anything, provided it is properly filled in ...
I've discussed that text here, and see that de Kaye was on this blog last night looking at my post on it  but as yet there has been no retraction of his assertion that there is nothing so "foolish" as to express concerns about the new generation of site-wrecker "depth advantage" machines being used on archaeological sites. Neither - which is more significant - has he attempted to justify the dismissive tone he adopts in his 'argument'. Digging a hole two feet deep into an archaeological site in the UK, Iraq, Kashmir or even Australia does indeed pose a threat to its integrity and information value; digging several, or several dozen, destroys it.

Vignette: nice and flat after the act... 

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