Thursday, 13 November 2014

PAS: "We do not record details of objects found by archaeologists" [unless we can use it to boost numbers?]

"[...] The main purpose of the Scheme is, and always has been, to encourage and facilitate the recording of archaeological objects uncovered by members of the public. Most finds are recovered by metal detector users, but some come from amateur fieldwalkers and people who find objects while out walking, gardening or going about their daily work. The distribution of PAS data is therefore subject to chance and the decisions of the amateur collector [...]"
Guide for Researchers (no mention at all of how to access/filter out material from archaeological projects)
"The Scheme's database holds records of artefacts and coins found by the public, whilst pursuing a wide range of activities (the majority from metal detecting). We do not record details of objects found by archaeologists, and these data can be found within the local Historic Environment Office."
Welcome to the Scheme's database

Welcome to Bonkers Britain, where they say one thing and carry on doing something else entirely.

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