Monday, 5 January 2015

Lenborough Hoard Hoik: "It Waz the FLO Wot Dun It"

Peter Abbott the Brighton detectorist (he of the "citizen archiaologists" [sic]) cannot get his head around the notion of 'conservation' (05/01/2015 at 21:20, replying to this, see another version here). He thinks we should compromise on it, not recognizing that this is what the PAS is. He however makes this valuable point about the Dec 21st 2014 unmethodical Lenborough Hoard Hoik at a Weekend Wanderers commercial artefact hunting rally:
The retrieval of the coins was done under the supervision of the FLO who, [sic] was not under any preasure [sic], and could have stopped the recovery at anytime [sic]. The choice of recovery was the FLOs [sic], the finder, the group all those that were there , would have complied to any form of retrieval, even if it meant leaving it in the ground, provided the site was left secure
So, since securing the site so close to the farm buildings would have been relatively easy, Mr Abbott is saying that the blame for the utter shambles we see in the video was entirely the blame of the PAS archaeologist on site, and could have been prevented, but he asserts that she pushed on and compromised the site in this way for her own reasons. Is that really the case? I find that difficult to believe.

Vignette: Mr Abbott shows how to repair a 'brocken' Minelab battery pack, by changing the cover.

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