Tuesday 24 September 2013

Alien Semen and Ancient Coins

ACCG officer Dealer Dave Welsh continues his drive to bring discussion of antiquities issues down to the level of the gutter ("Scumbags", Ancient Coins (sic) blog, Monday, September 23, 2013). In the end, such behaviour does the collectors' cause no credit, tending instead to create an  impression that some artefact collectors are quite simply not very nice people with whom it is useless expecting to have any semblance of a proper discussion. This is the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild in a nutshell, a group of bitter and aggressive old men intent on crassly shouting down any efforts to clean up the no-questions-asked trade in ancient coins. 

In his name-calling commentary to a cut-and-pasted reposting of a previous blog text of mine, Mr Welsh says:  
Mr. Barford clearly does not understand that a practical provenancing system for ancient artifacts involves recording their discovery in a manner equivalent to what he advocates, which however is both feasible and affordable
Then why do not coin dealers get on and create such a system and demonstrate that, instead of incessantly talking about it? For how many decades do they propose discussing doing something before actually getting down to it and doing it and instead of putting their words into action, wasting time and effort insulting anyone who criticises them for not doing it?

It seems that Mr Welsh considers that instead of semen like the rest of us, Americans procreate by the use of "scum". I suggest he read his dictionary again. 



Anonymous said...

What insincere tosh he talks. A simple step towards a practical provenancing system for ancient artifacts would be for him and his ilk to announce loud and clear that from today onwards they will never, ever sell another British dug-up without a PAS reference number. Yet they've refused, point blank.

Until they do it they can't pretend they aren't perfectly content to buy and sell looted and/or immoral goods. Abuse from such people is meaningless.

Paul Barford said...

Abuse from such people shows what an abusive lot the US collectors of dugup ancient coins involved in the ACCG are, with no respect for anyone and with thought only for themselves and what they want, want, want. Like children.

Yes rampant and obvious insincerity looms rather large in ACCG declarations and their failure to put any of them into action.

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