Tuesday 17 September 2013

Winter Reached Rock Bottom, Loses Enthusiasm

The formerly eloquent, knowledgeable, sensible and entertaining metal detectorist blogger John Winter, after penning his literary swan song entitled "the Amazing Talking A**hole" full of insult and four-letter words clearly decided he had indeed reached the very bottom. A few days afterwards he took a decision:
This is probably my last blogpost for some time. The muse has deserted me. Thank you to all my followers over the last two years for the support and encouragement. Sorry.
and then in the comments:
Time to move on. The blog is dead, kaput. I’ve lost my enthusiasm.
I would too if I had to stoop to that level to get an audience, and after reading their comments to the aforesaid a***hole post realised my closest supporters all wrote as if they had a mental age of twelve. John mentions he'll be getting on with other more worthy writing tasks. I wish him well in those.


Anonymous said...

As you know Paul, he's not the first educated detectorist to bale out because they had become associated with people, views and behaviour they had no sympathy for.

I think he let it slip with the words "I need some space, Dick."

Didn't I predict that this would happen on this very organ a few weeks ago? Yes I did! ;)

Hidden History said...

Don't worry Barfart, you still have me to talk too. Winter will soon be here, lots of new ideas for my blog.

Barf Barf!

Paul Barford said...

The offensive post above this is from the computer of Steve Taylor, jobbing gardener (http://glosoracle.com/gloucestershire/services/garden-services/countrywide-gardens), and "ambassador for the hobby".

He is looking now for clients as autumn and winter loom.

Give the guy a job, otherwise he'll spend the winter trawling this blog and sending his usual insults and threats as he did incessantly last winter, and the one before.

Put him in the front garden doing some menial task in the sleet and snow, more expensive than a garden gnome, but will certainly attract the attention of passers-by ! Add a bit of colour to your garden, remember the name: Countrywide gardens, Steve Taylor.

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