Wednesday 18 September 2013

"Blowhard Archaeologists" Forget...

Over on a metal detecting blog near you, Mike Smith demonstrates the extraordinary depth of knowledge that artefact hunters gain of the aims and methodology of modern archaeology from programmes like "Dig fellas". He uses a lot of scare quotes to suggest that “archaeologists are blowhards that “guess” at most of their discoveries" and are “elitists” who "want it all for themselves":
They forget that WE ALL have the right to explore and discover, it is a GOD given right.
But is taking equally approved by the Lord?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that's certainly the claim, that God approves of taking stuff and also, I'm guessing, the right not to tarmac one's access road, hunting and taking guns into coffee shops - and he personally wrote the Second Amendment.

Fortunately God doesn't get involved in politics so much over here but we have equivalent dumb secular claims in defence of selfishness and antisocial behaviour - "it's a free country innit?" Either way, it's still a way to justify selfishness and antisocial behaviour (as is irrationally slagging off all archaeologists, as we've seen recently).

It's like watching dim kids making silly excuses for vandalism - everyone except their dim pals can see through them.

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