Thursday 19 September 2013

In a nutshell

It seems to me that in cultural heritagey circles, we are talking more about the seamier side of internet 'being'. Dorothy King is having a troubled time again, but one thing she said seemed rather close to home:
and I don't bother to discuss cultural property issues with the extremists at the ACCG who think all cultural property should be freely available to them because they think it would be better off in their living rooms than at the archaeological sites they were looted from. 
but I do. Maybe I should also ignore them as worthless loonies and save myself, and any readers I may have, a lot of bother and time? 


Dorothy King said...

Or maybe you're right.

A good point someone made to me is that the harassment issues I was getting so annoyed about all stem not from any of the many wonderful people I actually work with and interact with on a regular basis ... they rather stem from the kooks that I go out of my way to ignore.

So maybe if I paid them regular attention, even if I were rude about them they'd feel important enough not to create such nonsenses?

Paul Barford said...

Mordred Orton asked me to post this for him:
"Paul, ACCG may be extremists but they do have a large following. Without someone to monitor and counter their spiel, many people now on the fence may not see through the selfishness and illogicality of that spiel and their following may grow. History shows us that ignoring a threat, even if made by extremists, never works. Chamberlain tried that. Your cause is worthwhile. Carry on!"

Paul Barford said...

Morderd, while that is true, don't you get the impression that ACCG is a bit of a spent force thrashing around in its last moments trying to find a role for itself? Everybody involved is old, they've tried everything they could think of to rabble-rouse, and it seems to me they are retreating. They hide the names of their donors, they've given up the use of certain terms in the rhetoric. They really have no way to go but buckle down to trading according to the law of the USA.

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