Sunday 15 September 2013

Worlingworth Now Demands Money

[...] if you want to support our heritage (I assume that you do), please send a large cheque for a four figure sum (at least) payable to Suffolk Historic Churches Trust or Worlingworth Parochial Church Council. Put your money where your mouth is and stop criticising people who strive to maintain THEIR local heritage.
What rot. Ripping it out of the ground is no more maintaining the heritage, theirs or anyone else than ripping the lead flashing off the church roof. Or ripping the brasses from the chancel floor and selling them to the highest bidder. I would say if the WLHS has this attitude to the heritage, then what guarantee is there that anyone's donated "four figure sum" (whether it is written on a large piece of paper, or a normal sized chequebook one) will be properly used? Their approach to seeking potential donors leaves a lot to be desired too. Well done Mr Geoff Robinson.

I think also there is a difference, isn't there between "supporting the heritage" and urging unenlightened village folk not to destroy it.  So Mr Robinson seems to be saying, "pay us NOT to let the artefact hunters in to destroy the archaeological heritage". That surely cannot be right.

So the villagers were hoping to raise a "four figure sum" from the hoiking? I hope it buckets down on Sunday, 29 September 2013. Find some proper sponsorship Mr Robinson.

Vignette: Heritage group demand cash handout while ignoring concerns. 

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