Wednesday 25 September 2013

FLO Julian Watters stars in Polish Rally Film

He does not say much - well, what could he say? but Julian Watters (and assistant "Simon") feature in this film made at the 2013 Lilley Bottom Farm Commercial Artefact Hunting Rally ("Detecting without Borders 5", 12-16th September 2013).

Detecting Without Borders 5 (posted on You Tube by Detecting Without Borders

We see the PAS staff at work in a rather cramped space crowded by detectorist 'finders' (very interesting La Tene brooch there, what did the FLO make of that?). Then we see Mr Watters looking a bit uncomfortable, overseeing the awarding of prizes for the "best-finds-to-leave-the-country-soon" competition. The finds from this rally are not yet in the database, the FLO is processing finds from "Offley" from May at the moment. In the film we see a big box of loose items. What on earth is that?  How many artefacts are there, where are they from, what are they and where are they now?

Pictures of lots of happy Polish treasure hunters here. Meanwhile the forum discussion on the topic of the meeting is being edited: 
Wątek troszkę oczyściłem. Pamiętajmy proszę, że jest oglądany przez gości na forum...
... now what was there that they do not want "guests" seeing? Supposedly the rally is taking place in a country with - as its organizers put it - "normal laws" about artefact hunting [Update: see the explanation here].

As an added bonus, as they say [trans], "due to the large number of questions from British people and other foreigners, we have just launched a page on Facebook about this and all the earlier  Poszukiwaniach Bez Granic:", so I suppose if you "foreigners" have any questions for the Poles about what they are doing to the British archaeological heritage, you could post them there. Not forgetting of course that the Portable Antiquities Scheme is actually there as a public service (you pay for it) to do outreach and answer all questions of the public concerning portable antiquity matters. Ask Mr Watters.

Hat tip to Nigel Swift 

UPDATE 29.09.13:
According to the Polish detectorists' forum, this post is "insulting" (member "Spectra" sent 29th Sept 2013, 0:22). See further post here. It seems Polish metal detectorists are as prone as their British and US counterparts to fly off the handle at the slightest hint of criticism. As far as I can see the only grounds for such a complaint is that instead of ignoring it, I actually discuss the film they themselves put online. There is a big bar of Polish Wedel chocolate here next to my monitor for the first person who can show me that there is anything actually "insulting" in the above commentary on the film (please state preference, milk or dark, the one with nuts has gone).

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