Friday 13 September 2013


I was talking to one of the foreign dealers at the Warsaw fair and was reminded of an old post here. When I came home I checked it out and found that it was unnecessarily rude about a member of the family of the executive director of the ACCG. The post was badly-written and clearly went too far, I was obviously having a bad day that day. My quarrel is with the ACCG and what it stands for and not with people unrelated to the organization itself. I have now edited that post removing the material concerned and two others which make oblique reference to the post.

I would  like to apologise sincerely to Doris and Wayne Sayles for the tone of that post and for neglecting to look over it and remove it earlier.
* * * 

I am seriously concerned and care deeply about the matters about which I write here. I do have a rather irreverent attitude, sharp tongue and inbuilt arrogance which sometimes leads me to make comments on aspects of these problems in a way which some obviously will and do find offensive. I make no apologies for that in itself, but if there is anyone else out there who feels I have overstepped the mark when describing something they said or have done, please let me know (through the comments section, marking it 'not for publication' if you like) and I will see what I can do about it.


Hidden History said...

What's the matter chicken shit, did they threaten to sue you!

Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, jobbing gardener (, and "ambassador for the hobby", looking now for clients as autumn and winter loom. Give the guy a job, otherwise he'll spend the winter trawling this blog and sending his usual insults and threats as he did incessantly last winter, and the one before.

Seems from the above not to be much of a conversationalist though and inclined to use bad language, so perhaps best not employed where children and neighbours can hear. Although I assume he got through school, it is odd that he apparently still thinks an exclamation mark denotes a question.

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