Wednesday 18 September 2013

Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs Founder and President Hates All Archaeologists

Texas detectorist Dick Stout founded and was the first president of the Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs (FMDAC), Inc.., that much is history, so it is interesting to read the old bloke writing now (Archaeologists…..My Take September 18, 2013):
 I think my opinions about archaeologists are pretty well known here on Stout Standards You see I have learned over the years that no matter what you or I do for them, they do absolutely nothing for us.
It is not explained quite what Mr S. expects archaeologists to "do for us" other than do archaeology. We do not paint white lines down the middle of the street, true. We do not put up road signs with speed limits on them, true. We do not plant begonias on traffic islands and roundabouts, true. We do archaeology. He seems to expect something more (once again tekkies expecting to have it on a plate, someone to do something for them so they do not have to do it themselves):
Maybe someone reading this can respond and share with me an instance of where an archaeologist came to their defense in some manner or fashion.  In my close to 40 years of detecting I have never heard of that happening.
Well, yes, yes actually I am personally aware of many instances when archaeologists (real ones with degrees and beards) have come to the defence of metal detectorists. In England (the whole PAS for a start, but many museum archaeologists too, Suzie Thomas needs a mention), Scotland (David Connolly a prime example) and Wales (several, not all working for the PAS). I have also met quite a lot of it in Poland. Then we have Ray Karl of Austria and Martin Rundkvist in Sweden. I suspect Mr Stout's lack of knowledge of such instances simply reflects a broader lack of knowledge - his ignorance however I would say is wilful ignorance because a lot of this is on the Internet, a mouse click away.

This wilful ignorance is compounded by the ageing tekkie's desire to dwell in the past, mulling over "every one of my past dealings with archaeologists", his " myriad of experiences dealing with them". He thinks "giving any serious thought to this group of elitists is a waste of brain power" (see above).
I am 72 now and will not be changing my mind about how I feel when it comes to this group of elitists….too many years, too many bad experiences, and never an indication that anything will change. I wish you all the best of luck in your efforts to become pseudo archaeologists.
But is that not the very justification for the "partnership"? The story we are all told by supporters of liaison is that artefact collecting and archaeology share common purposes, to learn about the past - ie the "ology" of the past ("archae-ology")?  We are told that these people are doing it because of their interest in the past, their desire to research and learn about the past from the physical traces they find. Is that not true then? So the idea behind this FMDAC is one big lie? How many archaeologists and archaeological clubs are now in this "Federation"? Maybe it's time to change the name?


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