Thursday 26 September 2013

Loss of Specialist Professional Advice in UK Archaeology and Building Conservation

This is not a good time to be an archaeologist in the UK, not that it has been for several decades now. RESCUE –The British Archaeological Trust has issued a powerful statement in response to the latest  report on Local Authority staff resources and in particular the ongoing loss of specialist professional advice in the fields of archaeology and building conservation.
“RESCUE believes that the country is close to reaching a point at which the provision of services designed to safeguard our historic environment is no longer adequate to meet the challenges that present themselves on a day-to-day basis. [...] At what stage will we decide to act collectively to support under-resourced and vulnerable services and thus ensure that our historic sites and landscapes receive proper protection through the planning process?”
Still, they still have their PAS and a Treasure Act, so all sorts of shiny goodies are coming out of the ground to keep the bread-and-circuses appearances up. Wiv lottsa Trezure coming up year after year,  'ow many care, really, about the planning an' resourse conservashun? 
Hat tip to Heritage Journal.

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