Saturday 14 September 2013

Nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field: UPDATE (Part one, guest post)

Not Nigel Swift
Guest post by Nigel Swift:
"It is noteworthy that it isn’t just The Establishment that has maintained a profound silence about ongoing nighthawking on the Staffordshire Hoard field, it is detectorists – who have said not a single public word about it.
Until today, when this extraordinary attack on us by one “Geoman” appeared on the “UK and European Metal Detecting Forum”:
then we have the internet Trolls trying hard to incite criminals, or potential thinking about it criminals, to hawk the Staffs hoard site. I am sure there is some criminal offence in inciting others to commit a crime so perhaps the heritage police will look into it.”
So, the position is this:
  • any remaining portions of the Staffordshire Hoard are almost certainly being progressively stolen
  • but The Establishment (whose function is to protect heritage) has said nothing
  • and detectorists (who are “only in it for the love of history”) have also said nothing
  • until today, when the only people that HAVE said anything (ourselves and Paul Barford) have been labelled as trolls* who are speaking out about it in order to incite people to do it.
The whole situation is completely barmy".
* see post below [note by PMB]


Hidden History said...

I seem to remember you sending John Carter to my hoard site for a bit of nighthawking. I wonder what you had out of it!

Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, jobbing gardener (, and "ambassador for the hobby", looking now for clients as autumn and winter loom.

Give the guy a job, otherwise he'll spend the winter trawling this blog and sending his usual insults and threats as he did incessantly last winter, and the one before.

Seems from the above that he thinks that once you've let him onto your property, he regards it as in some way "his". A warning sign one would have thought.

The number of unsolicited glowing references on the above-mentioned website speaks volumes for his ability to provide customer satisfaction.

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