Tuesday 17 September 2013

News from Our Team in Egypt

I have just received a very long and detailed email about what is currently happening in Egypt seen through the eyes of the Director of the Polish Archaeological Mission. he talks of what is happening to the Mission, its staff and our friends, as well as in the area (Heliopolis) around our HQ there. It is a very optimistic message, but does not spare the  drastic details of recent events (most of which we've been picking up from the media anyway). Two points made I think will be appreciated by others, a couple of Polish missions were suspended earlier on, but now a decision has been taken:
"The Hatshepsut Temple Mission will begin work in November, at the moment, two American missions are working  next to the Temple. The South is still a different world, as it was in the time of the Pharaohs when they were two countries and every real king named himself Lord of Upper and Lower Egypt" 
OK, a bit of poetic fantasy there, but the message is important. He even points out that the situation even in Sinai is not as bad as one might have thought from the media reports. Also (coming back to Cairo), though this sounds more natural in the original Polish: 
We are able to operate normally. All the time throughout this revolution there has been no enmity towards us, to foreigners. All the time we have experienced pleasantness, demonstrations of help and friendship...
I thought I'd share that in case anyone needs help in deciding whether to go back there to work this year.

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