Monday 30 September 2013

Keep Spinning it Out... Baltimore Coins Test Case one Big Yawn

It seems Rick St Hilaire is as bored as the rest of us watching the ACCG's lawyers draw out still further the process of getting the Baltimore Illegal Coin Import Stunt forfeiture case into court: "Accusations pepper the ACCG's pleadings as the trade group makes efforts to paint a picture of intrigue and wrongdoing within the U.S. State Department" that's basically it (Rick St. Hilaire, 'Accusations, Embargoes, and More of Same for Baltimore Coins Test Case', Cultural Heritage Lawyer blogspot Monday, September 30, 2013).


Paul Barford said...

I suppose the more times they can submit the same cut-and-paste nonsense (keeping interest up with posts in the same vein on the same lawyer's Cultural Property Observer blog), the more money the ACCG's lawyers can take from dealers and collectors supporting this shameful case.

Cultural Property Observer said...

Well if this is as insubstantial as you and your fellow archaeo-blogger claim, why not provide a link to the papers of the Government and ACCG and let your readers decide:

Paul Barford said...

[there is no link on the ACCG page to the government answer which the amended document makes invalid].

So, as a matter of interest, did Bailey and Ehrenberg charge coin collectors a lot to cut-and-past the new document from the old one with the addition of the "embargo" idea and a few of the conspiracy theory bits from CPO?

It's a shame the ACCG's legal team did not get the document right first time and save a bit of time and money.

Let us get this embarrassing spectacle over with, so the ACCG can get involved in worthier things.

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