Monday 23 September 2013

"Some metal-detectorists perhaps are not very nice people"

Recent UK Metal detecting ambassadorship seen from outside:
"In the end it does their cause no credit, tending instead to create an  impression that some metal-detectorists perhaps are not very nice people."

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Anonymous said...

As a fellow abuse-sufferer (in my case mainly from the soil-side of the process) I console myself that it comes exclusively from people whose actions would get them jailed in most countries. I stopped responding when it crossed my mind that all who wish to act in a socially beneficial way already do. As we've often said we shouldn't be writing for such people but about them.

I do watch the websites though in case of further attempts to cause me or mine harm to add to the police file but for all his ongoing foul-mouthed bravado Mr Stout hasn't risked it again. He was shocked rigid when it finally dawned on him the position he'd put himself in and he shut up shop for several days intending it to be permanent I suspect. So I don't think he'll go beyond insults again and he's welcome to those.

Although they would never admit it, Messrs Stout and Howland and others have put themselves in the unsettling position of having to sincerely hope every day that nothing untoward has happened at my house. It's a neat, self-imposed punishment and I'm content with it.

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