Sunday 29 September 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: How Much of this Advice was heeded by Fund-Raising Heritage Grabbers?

In the context of yesterday's Village Heritage Grabfest, it is worth noting that the Worlingworth Local Historical Society's website has been built with the help of a grant made by Suffolk County Council - and by a Community Projects grant from Mid-Suffolk District Council in 2009. This sits uneasily with the message of this document (one of the first in the country to set out archaeological concerns about rallies, well before the PAS got their finger out and were shamed into producing their own version).

I wonder just how many of the recommendations set out in this document were applied yesterday at the Worlingworth rally? In the interests of the wider heritage debate, I hope that the organizers will be producing some photos and maybe a video of the heritage grabbers in action so we can discuss this event in its broader context.

Where are the archaeological finds that were made in the fields of Worlingworth now? Where will they be in twenty years time?  How is scattering them without (please correct me if I am wrong) documentation "preserving" anything?

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