Friday 27 September 2013

Baltimore Illegal Coin Import Stunt Seizure process continues

The ACCG Baltimore Illegal Coin Import stunt coins (ACCG)

Next stage of this disturbing attempt to stave off the cleaning up of the US numismatic market :
The Court has given the government until September 27, 2013 to file its motion and the Guild a month to respond.
Peter K. Tompa, 'Court Sets Briefing Schedule in Forfeiture Action' ACCG News August 07, 2013.  I must say I am curious to see how the US Government answered the coin collectors' latest whingeings in this stupid battle. I hope its a massive put-down. Let us remind ourselves what this is about: 'Some of ACCG's Coins', Tuesday, 9 August 2011. Let us also note that Ehrenberg and Tompa use the "Hong Kong getout", and it's important to ask them how they think these coins got to Hong Kong and when (before or after 1930?).

What is particularly telling about all this is that you'd think that by now some responsible collectors would be telling those that self-appointed themselves to be the representative of all 50 000 of them that they want the US coin market cleaned up - apparently not.

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