Wednesday 18 September 2013

Restitution Punk

Charinos, "Repatriate", A Punk Archaeology song by Andrew Reinhard. Readers might find the lyrics a help...

"King Tut's Tomb" Mr Reinhard?


Hidden History said...

Not in the same league as the 'Barford song'.

Paul Barford said...

The musical taste of Steve Taylor, jobbing gardener (, and "ambassador for the hobby" is somewhat questionable. Here is his attempt to be funny,

Mr Taylor is looking now for clients as autumn and winter loom.

Give the guy a job, otherwise he'll spend the winter trawling this blog and sending his usual insults and threats as he did incessantly last winter, and the one before.

He'll do anything. Put him in the front garden doing some menial task in the sleet and snow. Or maybe you can get him to sing his jolly puerile song.

Certainly more expensive than a garden gnome, but will certainly attract the attention of passers-by ! Add a bit of colour to your garden, remember the name: Countrywide gardens, Steve Taylor.

Hidden History said...

Oh Dear, it looks like I getting under your skin Paul, and I haven't even started my 3 month holiday yet. This is where I have made so much money during the year, I no longer need to work the winter months,and I can devote all my time to you and metal detecting.

Have you sold any of your books yet, it's a bugger when you have a minimum print run of 2000, and you still have 1999 books left in your garage. Still they will make good bog paper.

Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, rich-enough-not-to- work-while-wifey-still-has-her-job-jobbing-gardener,


Mr Taylor is apparently no longer looking now for clients as autumn and winter loom.

So while his wife goes to work, he can sit all day in the Internet or out metal detecting.

Meanwhile there are other firms you can employ for your garden care needs over winter. I know several in the UK who will be working very hard between the growing seasons.

Hidden History said...

Not much point paying 40% tax on my earnings when Treasure payments are tax free. I guess the Government may need to sack a few more Archaeologists just so they can find the money to pay us. Oh I do love this hobby, and the T.V.C are just so generous in their awards. Perhaps you should buy a detector as I hear Poland was once a rich Country, so plenty to dig. Just think if you struck gold Paul, you could take your little wifey on that holiday of a lifetime, to the Siberian salt mines.

Hidden History said...

I'm secretly hoping you've died Paul, as it's been 4 long days without any blog activity, I don't know whether to place you obituary in the Times, or wait a few more days and then find out the bad news you've probably been away on holiday.

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