Tuesday 13 May 2014

Antiquities theft foiled in Giza

Tourism and Antiquities Police find antiquities buried in two holes at Hod Zeleikha archaeological site in Giza. The antiquities were being hidden prior to being taken from the site at a later date, a police officer said.
Police have discovered two holes filled with antiquities during a routine inspection at the Hod Zeleikha archaeological site in Badrashin, Giza governorate. Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online on Tuesday that the artefacts include large pieces of granite stelae, clay fragments and statues. Early investigations suggest the objects are from the Middle Kingdom. The granite pieces could be from the foundation stone of a column, which suggests the existence of a temple. Excavation work is due to start at the site to explore what lies beneath the sand, Ibrahim added. Police will tighten security measures to prevent further theft attempts.
Nevine El-Aref, 'Antiquities theft foiled in Giza', Al-Ahram , Tuesday 13 May 2014 

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