Monday 12 May 2014

Fifty-Shiftyism in the UK Farming Press?

Heritage Action make a very cogent point. Somebody calling themselves "Legal Beagle" has posted remarks on a public forum 'clarifying" that (according to them any way)
At (sic) law, the landowner does not have title to the objects buried in his or her fields as by legal definition they are classed as lost property...
 HA wonders whether  detectorists in general would be happy to have the claim “what we find on your field is legally ours M8″ sent to the farming press. I wonder too. One way the PAS could contribute to reducing the erosion of the archaeological record by increasing numbers of artefact hunters hoiking material out of the archaeological record to take away and collect or flog off, is outreach to farmers. In fact, one wonders how many articles the PAS and its FLOs have written to the farming press over their past seventeen years of "public outreach"? Can we see a bibliography specifically of this?

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