Tuesday 13 May 2014

Vote Riggers and Dead Elephants: Coineys Cheating on the CPAC

Commercial exploitation
Steve Battelle, coin collector no doubt wants to make sure his views get heard by the CPAC. So he sent  his comment early on -  21st April 2014 ("Ancient Coins should be excluded from the items regulated by cultural property restrictions for the following reasons") Among them is his deep belief in what he perceives to be the purpose of the PAS:
The real problem here is the short sighted regulations in the countries requesting the US to "prohibit" things in comparison with the enlightened policies in Great Britain. Don't try to make everything found the property of the "state". Instead allow finders to report finds to a government agency which: catalogs, studies, reports, and in the case of coins, eventually sells the coins to the only people who care and appreciate them: collectors. Then the finders share in the proceeds. That's the way to do it properly. 
Patronisingly he adds a conspiratorial aside: "I understand with the corruption of many of the same governments requesting these restrictions that's going to be difficult, but it's the best solution".

But just to make sure that the collectors get heard, he decided to add another comment, helping to boost the numbers in favour of the naysayers.   So on 13th May he graciously adds that the US government can with his blessing "ban ivory", but for Mr Battelle archaeological sites are not elephants, they can be trashed to provide collectors with the coins. After all, they are "studied and appreciated pretty much only by numismatists and collectors[...]" who are among "the few people in the United states who actually have interest and care about these items". And who in the US studies elephants' teeth Mr B? Is regulating commercial exploitation of a resource about the study of the debris it creates? How so?

Other people hoping to boost their case by boosting numbers by submitting multiple submissions (apart potentially from the twenty or so who commented wholly anonymously) were Michael O'Bannon  commenting on April 21, 2014 (total garble) and then again on May 13th 2014. Make of this what you will as a comment to 19USC 2602: 
Ancient coins are a way of viewing an ancient culture and learning to appreciate its people and their history. It is not demeaning to them or their history, nor is it in any way a major looting of their art, especially since the coins most of us collect are really ancient Greek or Roman history. 
Another who got confused whether he'd sent a comment or not was dealer Guy Rothwell who sent two comments on the same day, presumably thinking nobody had seen it the first time 05/14/2014  his comment to 19USC 2602: 
The MOU, if implemented, would not only seriously impact a legal trade but may also punish every American collector whose legally acquired collection may then be considered as contraband.
And they might come in the night to implant a chip in your head, or control you by spraying your house with those chemical vapour trails.... quick, where's the tinfoil? What is the matter with these people? Why cant they READ? Antonia thinks that the CCPIA is addressed to old objects in people's collections when they are IN the USA. She is obviously confusing it with something else quite different. But then, keeping people confused  is precisely what the mind-control freaks in the international coin trade want, isn't it? 

 Thank goodness that these comments are a matter of public record so we can all see what tactics US collectors are using to try and get the measures curbing antiquity smuggling from being adopted in their country. Shame on them!

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