Thursday 8 May 2014

"I found lost works of Sappho" - dissolving Graeco-Roman mummy masks

A bragging Dr. Scott Carroll appears to reveal where the "Obbink" Sappho papyrus came from?:

OK, so that's how the green Collection are getting some of their manuscripts from, but what about all the rest, the papyri, parchments, the leather collar, all apparently previously unknown, and the majority of them "the earliest known". So if they were in legitimate old collections, why were they not being discussed earlier - only waiting for the Americans to come along and enlighten us all? But then, what's that about "collections in Istanbul"? How and when did those items get there, and how did they leave Turkey for the USA?

How many mummy masks have been dissolved? Where were they from? Why were those masks selected for destruction, and by whom? Where are the records curated of the position and stratigraphy of the manuscripts within each of them?

Also with all the stress being laid on breaking the records for "the earliest manuscript with this-or-that-bit-of-this-or-that-book" (an endless game I'd think) and proving the "inerrancy of the received text", what possibilities does the method all these new manuscript bits are being acquired allowing the possibility of acquiring informtion ofn regional differences in textual tradition and scriptorium technique down through the vearious periods covered? If all this stuff is coming with the vaguest of collecting histories ("Old German family collection, Munich" type stuff), then we'll never get this kind of information no matter how many mummy coverings the US text-seeking vandals trash.

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