Monday 26 May 2014

More on the So-called Crosby Garrett Helmet

Most British archaeologists have forgotten the fiasco over the so-called Crosby Garrett helmet and the resolutions that it briefly prompted to force changes to the Treasure Act. Nothing came of that, British archaeologists are not exactly noted for their assertiveness in the face of large scale pillage of the archaeological record for collectables. Anyhow, not everybody has forgotten, the so-called Crosby Garrett helmet has been exhibited in the British Museum, and to accompany this is an essay by David Gill in the latest volume of the Journal of Art Crime, now out. The text considers the new evidence presented by the delayed investigation of the place reported to have been the find-spot where the object was removed from a poorly-understood archaeological context. Gill returns to the issue of The Treasure Act and the need to bring it into line with the needs of heritage protection.

Vignette: Crosby Garrett, idea metal detecting holiday venue... 

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