Wednesday 14 May 2014

What the Internet is For

I will not embarrass her by giving her name and saying where in the depths of this blog this comment was posted just now, but a young lady who appreciates the efforts of her teachers also had the decency to tell me she'd found an old post of mine of use too. Thanks. I admit my heart sank when I read the first couple of sentences, but..
I came across your blog while doing research on buying Roman coins. I'm a year three Latin student, and thought it would be a kind gesture to give my teacher a few coins. At first I wanted to get her cleaned coins, but then when I found out about the uncleaned coins, they seemed like a fun project (almost like a treasure hunt). Like in the forum, I was looking for a "reputable" seller, and at that point, I was more concerned about being scammed or ripped off. But thankfully I clicked on this post! You cleared up a lot of my questions, and stopped me from making a big mistake. A lot of what I've learned about Roman culture has come from what archeologists discovered from dig sites. Purchasing those coins would have funded the people that destroy those sites and prevent the future knowledge of ancient civilizations that students like me wish to study. Thank you very much for helping me learn this :) I will not be purchasing those coins lol
That's the coins that don't say where they came from (I suppose I could not object if she said she was now on the lookout for some with a PAS number, or documented as being from an old Edwardian collection). I suggested she buy a replica, frame it and write a nice dedication and, when giving it as a thank you present, tell the teacher precisely the story she told me. Let's keep uninformed US Latin teachers away from the talons of ACE!

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