Sunday 18 May 2014

"So, He's a Lawyer Too", is he?

Peter Tompa collects coins. He has a cat. Peter Tompa works for a legal firm that gets lost of money for "lobbying" on behalf of at least two international dealers associations. So Peter Tompa gets paid for doing the dealers' dirty-work, like attacking academics who point out that certain pieces of information repeated like a mantra by coin dealers are at odds with the facts of the case. So Peter Tompa now has written a snide article about Nathan Elkins "Now he's a lawyer" on his lobboblog, citing Elkin's comments on the so-called "First Found Principle".  It would seem he is totally ignoring earlier discussion of this concept and what it does and does not mean (Sunday, 19 January 2014, 'Wrong-Headedness on the "First Found Principle" of the CCPIA'). Note how Peter Tompa dodged out of the discussion earlier on, leaving it up to a collector to try and figure it out. The problem is Mr Tompa, the law is written in words, it is not some divine knowledge which is passed down like the Holy Spirit into the heads of a chosen few. The law is written in words so we all, all citizens, know what we can and cannot do. We can all read words, we can all see the relationship of one word to the next, and one section of the text of even such a poorly-written law as the CCPIA to another. And we can all decide for ourselves whether your interpretation of those words is in any way justifible in the light of what the Act actually says, there in black and white.

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