Tuesday 13 May 2014

Mr Albert is Back

wow. He thinks there shou;ld be no MOU with Egypt, because coin collectors, he holds,  "are the custodians of history". Mr Albert considers that all this effort to reduce smuggling is "a way of erasing HISTORY from the view of all but academics that are easily controlled and manipulated by funding and pressure".
"We collectors are the people who take care of time travelers who are bits metal that tell a story that must be told. This folly you peruse is politically motivated to eradicate history and how it relates to people so to discourage their study by non academics who would report to others that the system cannot control and without this control you cannot usher in a one world government though lies and deceits. We keep the people in power in fear of disclosure and this is the only reason for these created fictions of repatriation.
Not much to add to that, is there? These are the sort of people that collect coins in the USA. So these "reports" of the history written exclusively on the basis of collectors' coins, where are they? .How do they differ from scissors and paste accounts of Kings and battles Historiography that we see is the staple of numismatic publications?  Can we see some examples of this "real history" based on his coin collection from the pen of Mr Albert? Please?


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