Monday 12 May 2014

Metal Detectorist:"Punish the Wabbits!"

"Punish de Wabbits!"
Cliff Tate, overseer at the Surrey Searchers Metal Detecting Club apparently fancies himself an expert in animal spoor. He is on record as having said:
“Detectorists are people who like and appreciate the great outdoors and usually respect it enough not to leave the ground full of holes. The real culprits of these holes always seem to go unpunished, i.e., deer, badger, fox, rabbit and squirrel. It’s amazing how many so-called experts can’t tell a shovel-shaped hole in the ground from an animal scrape. Or is this because they don’t want to?”
Tekkies playing the victim again. It's amazing how many people cannot tell a spade from a shovel. Metal detectorists really ought to be using spades to dig and not a tool for slicing, scooping and throwing soil.

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