Saturday 10 May 2014

Black and White

Situation on Saturday 10th May, just four days before CPAC comments on the Egypt MOU close:

Black Hat Guys say "No!" less than 29 comments

White hat Guys say "Yes, please stop this!" more than 290 signatures, 250 in one day.

It seems that the Black Hat Guys supporting the no-questions-asked trade are backing a losing horse. Very few other people are on their side. Their lobbyists have been using the wrong tactics. 

UPDATE 13th May 2014

It seems, their job on the line no doubt, the lobbyists put one final push into their efforts, and they managed to elicit a further 105 comments, one more day to go. And the petition in the same time? Now more than 500.

UPDATE 15th May 2014

Oddly enough, though it was supposed to be open until midnight 14th, when I looked at eight Polish time (so ten hours earlier) I got a "comments are now closed" message. Accident or design? Anyway, the coineys put one final push into their efforts, and they managed to elicit a  hefty total of  290 comments, almost all of it coineys, no scarab, shabti, jewellery, papyrus, cartonnage collectors, cartonnage destroyers, Born-Again Christians (oh, wait, yes there was one, "we need to collect smuggled coins to prove the Bible and God are real", one guy tells the CPA - funny place America). And the petition today? Continuing to rise, now more than 1000 people asking the US to do something about smuggled artefacts (and I bet few of them would say "except ancient coins dug up in Egypt").  

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