Wednesday 28 May 2014

Whose Culture is it?

Egyptian heritage protection
 Some in "we the People" Washington are confusing the Egyptian people and those who are responsible for running their country (CPO Tuesday, May 27, 2014: 'Tunnel Vision: MOU Supporters Oblivious to Facts on the Ground'). Meanwhile, is it true that some young Egyptian students who happen to find themselves in the US at the moment are discussing having a small 'welcoming committee' outside the State Department for certain lobbyists from the US antiquities trade who are going to advocate the continued theft of Egyptian culture? Surely not, the people do not care, do they? We will see. I hope someone takes a camera.

It seems Peter Tompa does not understand the word "student". 

While his BFF sycophantic claquer metal detectorist comments that students with attitude hanging around in the street with banners can be seen as a "veiled threat". Metal detectorists in general view of course any kind of education and attempts to draw public attention to injustices as a threatening phenomenon.  


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