Saturday 17 May 2014

More and More English Anglo-Saxon Sites Being Raided for Collectables

Rosie Weech writes: "Ansate brooches were rare finds, but metal-detecting has showed they were common part of A-S dress so I made a gif". Gustaf Kossinna would be so proud of you.  Lottsa dots. To my eyes it looks like a massive increase 2000-2012 in the number of Anglo-Saxon sites being raided by PAS-partners for collectables for private collections, and a lot of this "partnership" in emptying sites into collections is going on in Norfolk and Suffolk.  What does the British Museum's Ms Weech think it "means"?

UPDATE 20.05.14:
The PAS database seems to be missing a whole load of the recently metal-detected ansate brooches .... PACHI Tuesday, 20 May 2014: 'Now, Thanks to UK Metal Detecting you can get your own Ansate Brooch'.

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