Thursday 22 May 2014

Sayles' Wife on the ACCG Board "Ensures Continuity"

It seems coiney Dave Welsh, (he of the highly insulting ad hominem "Ancient Coins" blog) is suffering some bad health and feels unable at the moment to fulfil his functions as one of the 'ACCG Seven' and the chair of their "International Affairs Committee". His was one of three positions to expire in August and nominations were sought for a replacement in March. Such nominations could be tendered by "any active ACCG member in good standing" to be placed in the hands of the Executive Director. It seems that such is the trust placed in the ACCG by the entire (50 000 strong, we are told) US numismatic community that only one such "nomination" was received - one Doris Sayles, apparently the wife of the Executive Director. No prizes for guessing who nominated her. The three  (Tompa, Puetz and Mrs Sayles) were elected "unopposed" on 15th May (ACCG News announcement: 'Election assures continuity of ACCG Board'). 
A strong show of support by voting members of the guild was seen in spite of the unopposed standings.  The newly elected officers will be installed effective August 9, 2014 when the ACCG holds its scheduled annual membership meeting in conjunction with the American Numismatic Association convention in Rosemont, Illinois.  An internal board election of officers will be held subsequent to that date.
The page giving the bios of the ACCG officers has yet to be updated with Director Doris' numismatic achievements to dispel any suggestions that this is a case of Byzantine nepotism to "ensure continuity" by keeping it in the family.  No doubt, the ACCG - who insist on transparency from others - will be releasing soon the election results. These will show the degree of that "strong show of support" Sayles claims for the ACCG, Peter Tompa and his non-numismatist wife. Let's see the numbers Mr Sayles. 

Anyway, best wishes to ailing Dave Welsh, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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