Monday 26 May 2014

Struggling to Find Meaning, Washington Coiney Making it up as he Goes Along

A DC Lobboblogger, John Howland's best friend forever, who has refused to take my comments shedding light on his nonsenses on his blog once again gets lost in his own verbiage (Monday, May 26, 2014, 'An Archaeo-Blogger's Manifesto'). He attempts to dissect my comments to a Frencjh journalist which I put online here. Since I cannot comment under his post, I'll have to do it here. Unable to understand the notion of conservation, and apparently professionally restrained from ever attempting to do so, he just makes it up as he goes along.
Barford apparently believes all the coins and artifacts that have come to light and recorded under the programs would be best left off in the ground for future archaeologists to find.
That's what we understand by conservation of the archaeological resource. Paul Barford belies that all of the artefacts ripped out of archaeological contexts without proper record, and many of them with none at all, are needlessly destroyed archaeological information. The Washington townie apparently is not at home in fields, and somehow thinks it is relevant to whether we should be worried about artefact hunting that artefacts are found on "private farmland" (where else?) and he apparently does not understand the first thing about soil chemistry and farming methods. It's certainly on the cards that the closest this American has come to a cow pat is glistening with grease between two halves of soft-pap sesame buns. He reckons that the fact that artefact hunters are currently hoiking more Treasure finds than archaeologists can process is "only an argument for more efficient efforts at recording and more judicious decisions on what the State should keep". Tell that to Roger Bland. Tompa's BFF John Howland seems inordinately interested in sock-puppet issues and fake farmers.

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