Tuesday 27 May 2014

UK Foot Dragging, PAS drops under the Radar

Mike Nevell, commenting on the recent Telegraph article about the guy with a Minelab detector and Garrett finds bag notes that the BM apparently actually said
According to the British Museum, most finds of real interest and value now come not from professional digs but the endeavours of men such as Mr Herbert and Mr Spohr.
Like any sane and normal person, he doubts that the BM actually said such nonsense and adds:
" This kind of misunderstanding is why the CBA needs to revisit the issue of metal detecting",
well a few months back they seemed to be saying they were going to, but something seems to be sapping their resolve. Or did I dream it? Note though that Dr Newell cuts out the PAS completely, they seem not to have a lot of kudos today in the British archaeology community - probably because (despite warnings in the Hawkshead report) they ignored their questions and real concerns for so long while unfairly (and expensively) claiming to represent them to the wider public. 

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