Saturday 31 May 2014

Collectors against the Professors

Polish professors (Jan Matejko)
Professor Ricardo Elia: "collectors are the real looters"
Professor Colin Renfrew: "collectors are the real looters"
Dr Paul Bahn: "collectors are the real looters"
Oscar White Muscarella: "collectors are the real looters"
Peter Watson, Cecilia Todeschini
"collectors are the real looters"
Professor Erin Thompson: "collectors are the real looters"

coin dealers beg to differ.

But I think Professor Thompson went out of her way to mention the US coiney opposition to the Egypt MOU, but somehow their lobbyists seem to have lost the ability to read (or should that be "observe"?) and argue the point. Do they get paid double-rate by the dealers associations they represent for arguing with professors?

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