Tuesday 20 May 2014

UK Metal Detecting: Winter Discontented

John Winter, metal detectorist, is another one to express scathing about the archaeological "partners". He says he's less 'gullible' than those who respect professionals  Misplaced Authority19 May 2014:
Sometimes so-called experts in a particular field can be wrong. One just has to look at some of the mis-identifications on the PAS database to realise that often the person with the real expertise is the seasoned detectorist. This appears to have been going on from time immemorial.
He then goes on about a story where somebody planted an artefact and a museum was induced to exhibit it after it had been donated. Note in those days public spirited folk DONATED objects to museums, they did not have to be bought. But then too, artefact hunters thought it was fun to tell lies to the archaeological world. It is not at all clear what "authority" Mr Winter thinks is "misplaced", inded what authority he thinks the PAS actually have.

UPDATE 22 may 2014
I see Mr Winter has thought better of his post and has removed it. 

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