Tuesday 27 May 2014


The team has also found a variety of artefacts,
including fragments of tableware imported from Gaul
and the Rhineland, storage vessels that once contained Spanish
olive oil and Gallic wines, fragments of glass vessels
and several items of jewellery including a jet finger-ring
and part of a decorated glass bangle.

Maryport Roman settlement: Dig unearths 'lost harbour', 27th May 2014

Philanthropist Christian Levett, who is funding the project, said: "I'm particularly interested in the connections we're seeing across the Roman empire through the imported objects the team is finding such as amphorae, pottery and ornaments. "Maryport is a remote but important part of the Roman world with a fascinating story. I'm looking forward to more information coming through as the team continues the detailed analysis after they leave the site."
And it's not a small project (photo BBC)

Hat tip, David Gill

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