Wednesday 21 May 2014

Zahi Hawass Cleared (Again) of Corruption Charges

No evidence of corruption
to support allegations
This will please the dealer's sniping lobbyist. Egyptian prosecutors have shelved complaints filed against the former antiquities minister which alleged he wasted public funds and stashing away illicit gains. ('Prominent Egyptologist Zahi Hawass cleared of corruption charges',  Ahram Online, Tuesday 20 May 2014).  After two years of investigations into the complaints, Ahmed El-Bahrawi, First Attorney-General for Public Funds Prosecution, decided on Tuesday to dismiss the allegations. 
Investigations for this round of allegations showed that all Egyptian antiquities in question were displayed through legal means abroad and were secured against damage. Also, all revenues from the international exhibitions were placed in the government's coffers, prosecutors said. Prosecutors also decided that the charges regarding Hawass' clothes line were invalid and that all documents submitted with the complaints were fake.
This is not the first time such accusations have been levelled at Hawass. Past investigations have also cleared him of charges. Presumably Peter Tompa will now be issuing an apology for inferring on April 23rd that Hawass was a 'Cultural Racketeer'.

UPDATE: Nope, the rampant conspiracy theorist, who has never accepted rational arguments, reckons it was done to prevent discussion of "Egypt's unclean hands" by the CPAC in Washington. The guy obviously considers that the world revolves around Washington.

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