Tuesday 13 May 2014

Collecting, Love-and-Peace wish

Flowers for CPAC
Bob Pert wrote the CPAC a love poem and posted it on their public website: 
"I collect old coins.

There are millions of them around.

Egypt should protect their antiquities 
but I should be able to collect old coins...

Can't we all just get along?

STOP the smuggling, and we can. That is the whole idea of the 1970 UNESCO Convention.  Will America do its part?


Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

I don't collect old coins.
But if I did
I'd make totally sure
They weren't looted.
Less poetry.
More honesty.
What's the problem?

Happy collecting,


Paul Barford said...

The problem is the total lack of thought and comprehension comments like this reveal, looking through these hundred new samples of collectors' intellect is really depressing. It becomes apparent that in fact most of them have not the slightest idea what the MOUs actually do.

OK, now who wants to do a heritage haiku?

Elina Moustaira said...

When the art of speech leaves us speechless...

Anonymous said...

"Who wants to do a heritage haiku?"

It's already been done.

We wants it
We needs it.
Must have the precious

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