Saturday 17 May 2014

Loan USA Your Stuff, Kiss it Goodbye: Iraqi Jewish Archive Loaned for "Conservation", now Staying

Schumer Announces Iraqi Jewish Archive Permitted to Stay in the US Until Permanent Location in America is Determined

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that the State Department, along with the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the U.S., will extend the period in which the Iraqi Jewish Archives may remain in the United States.

Right, now they've got their way let them now build a 50million dollar 'George W. Bush Iraqi Jewish Research Center'  on a prime location in Washington, let them triumphantly display all those "stolen" school reports and newspaper cuttings. I am sure we will all be interested to know how shabby it will look in fifty years time. What did the US Department of State offer the Iraqi government in return? Tear gas and helicopters? 

Meanwhile American conservators wishing to do their bit to preserve the world's cultural heritage  will now have their work made more difficult by this fiasco. Who is going to trust US conservators with their material now? I did write to the International Institute of Conservators a few months back asking for them to state a position on this. They did not even reply.

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