Thursday 22 May 2014

DC's Coiney Amnesiac Conspiratorist

St. Hilaire has to rely on distortion to make his point.   I'm not aware of the ACCG or anyone else saying that the CPIA "exempts" coins as St. Hilaire suggests.   Rather, what the ACCG and the trade have said is that restrictions to date on coins have not met the criteria of the CPIA for several fundamental reasons. 
Complete tosh. Let Tompa not forget what the Baltimore illegal coin stunt court papers said about the China MOU (and why the Black Hat Guys had some cruddy Chinese coins bought from Spink's in London in the packet). Its the basis of their stupid case. Let Tompa not attempt to distance himself from this cretinous coiney nonsense for which he, and mainly he, is apparently responsible.

The rest of Tompa's attempted rebuttal is just waffle.  He keeps coming back with a stubborness which would best befit a more noble cause to the "First Found Principle" which it can clearly be seen is simply a (wilful?) misunderstanding. Why? Because apparently he gets paid for blurring the truth by the PNG and IAPN (if these "professional" organizations cared about the truth of the matter, they'd step in and stop him, I assume they have other lawyers). The rest of it is just the same tired nonsense, cut and paste scratched-record stuff.

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