Sunday 11 May 2014

UK Detectorists and their "Fifty-Shifty Contracts"

Heritage Action:
"getting the farmer to sign away 50% of his property while still undiscovered (which most detectorists and the whole Archaeological Establishment encourage landowners to do) is plain wrong" 
('Farmer Brown: joy over one sinner that repenteth (plus a drinking song!)' ). And the drinking song (courtesy Heritage Action)...

The Fifty-Shifty Contract

"Just sign this find-sharing contract mate,
It’s written out really good,
We can split your stuff fifty-fifty mate,
(The archies all say we should)".

"But how do I know you won’t take nine
And show me only one?
What if you take what’s supposed to be mine
And clear off home old son?"

"It’s all a matter of trust my friend,
Purely a matter of trust,
And I know you’ll agree with me my friend,
That mutual trust is a must".

"Fine, then bring me the lot old chum,
Trust me, I’ll give some to you

Just as soon as I’ve taken advice on it chum,
(I think independent advice would be best, don’t you?)".

"Er um, er, no sorry that wouldn’t be just,
Or at least, not just what we detectorists do,
You see, when we say that trust is a must
We mean the trust must come only from you!"

"Then get off my laaand you untrusting twister
Get off my laaand, ooh arr!
Your contract’s unfair and you know it is Mister,

So get off my laaand, ooh arr!"

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