Wednesday 28 May 2014

"Tackling Pasture Sites"

He's taken it down now, ( May 19, 2014, 'Tackling Pasture Sites...') but Steve Broom had a tekkie-typically wonky-minded explication about how to "tackle pasture sites", allegedly the "responsible" way. Being too busy with other things to reply at the time, I put it off, just as well because any effort I'd put into it would have been wasted as a few days later he deleted the whole blog in a fit of petulence. Suffice to say, I hope anyone who read the text it did not take it without a pinch of salt. Quite clearly its author had not the faintest idea of what the point is of the Code of Responsible Metal Detecting saying responsible detectorists keep off pasture, and instead of asking, just wrote if you dig very small holes and fill them in, no damage is done. And seventeen years of (expensive, public funded and miss-the-point) "outreach" has got us... where?

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